Naturissimi - where design meets the nature


Naturissimi’s wonderful world!

Why our accessories are so exceptional? Why it is worth to trust us?


original design

only natural fabrics , no polyesters such as minky type

only natural fill, no polyesters and silicones

natural and safe paints and finishes

certificates confirming quality such as GOTS

limiting packaging till protective function and giving extra the utility function, so it can be used at home, and did not immediately thrown

if only possible, in products for infants we avoid potentially dangerous fasteners and fixings type of ties, buttons

respect the environment; we support the process of renewal of the raw materials and the idea of fair trade


Naturissimi products are absolutely unique, so if you are looking for accessories that are not only stylish, but also extremely delicate, soft, breathable and cozy you are very welcome to choose Naturissimi!
Stylish and natural, no compromises !